Detailed trip guides for some of the finest Great Lakes kayaking destinations.

E-Booklets in PDF format, each guide contains:
• Trip outlines for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced sea kayakers, plus additional sidetrips
• Maps, photos, route details, planning resources, contact info
and more!

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    “Sea Kayaking Eastern Isle Royale”

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    Isle Royale National Park is a wilderness retreat shrouded in ancient boreal forest, little changed since the glaciers, and where the cry of the wolf may be heard across the moonlit bays. Learn how to get there and how to get around this unique wilderness destination. Bring your paddle … E-Booklet in PDF format: 4…

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    “Sea Kayaking the Apostle Islands”

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    Weathered by time, polished by ice, and sculpted by waves, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is considered one of the premier sea-kayaking destinations of the upper Great Lakes region. Come and enjoy what many consider the most beautiful corner of the world’s largest freshwater lake. E-Booklet in PDF format: 3 trip outlines for Basic, Intermediate,…

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    “Sea Kayaking the Manitou Islands”

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    The Manitou Islands are a pair of backcountry wilderness islands, part of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore on Lake Michigan’s eastern shore. Attainable only by ferry or an eight-mile kayak crossing, the Manitou Islands offer 15,000 acres of wilderness camping and hiking, and over 60 miles of pristine Great Lakes kayaking. Learn how to…