“Sea Kayaking Eastern Isle Royale”




Isle Royale National Park is a wilderness retreat shrouded in ancient boreal forest, little changed since the glaciers, and where the cry of the wolf may be heard across the moonlit bays.

Learn how to get there and how to get around this unique wilderness destination. Bring your paddle …

E-Booklet in PDF format:

  • 4 trip outlines for Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced sea kayakers, plus 5 additional sidetrips
  • Maps, photos, route details, planning resources, contact info, and more!
  • 34 full-size color pages

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The eastern Five Fingers region is especially well suited to exploration by sea kayak. Comprised of long and narrow peninsulas, sheltered bays, and remote islands, the Five Fingers offers some of the most varied and convoluted shoreline, with excellent camping (and a few hazards) along the way.

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