Glacier Gloves are comfortable, durable, and—best of all—completely waterproof

Living and paddling here in the snowbelt of the Upper Midwest, we know cold. And wet. And I have certainly gone through my share of disappointing cold-weather kayaking gloves.

So I was skeptical when a poster on a paddling discussion forum suggested Glacier Gloves, but was mildly encouraged when a kayaking friend seconded them. I ordered a pair, and have completed my third satisfactory winter season on the water with them.

Glacier Glove offers a wide variety of gloves, mittens, hats, socks, and other warm and waterproof outdoor gear for hunting, fishing, and watersports. I chose a pair of their Premium Waterproof Gloves, featuring a pre-curved finger design and articulated knuckles for maximum flexibility.

For gloves made of wetsuit material, with their outer layers of familiar nylon Spandex, the chink in the armor is their seams, which invariably allow water to seep in and chill the hands. But the 2mm-thick Glacier Glove Premium Waterproof Gloves are instead made of a smooth, durable exterior rubber surface with a finely checked texture for good gription, and their stitched and glued seams offer completely waterproof construction.

Any winter glove is only as warm as its insulation; even a pair of latex surgical gloves will keep your hands dry, but will provide no thermal protection from icy water and wind. These particular Glacier Gloves boast a “premium fleece lining,” but it’s pretty thin stuff. To be sure, the fuzzy lining helps to prevent the sweaty, clammy feeling inherent in all truly waterproof gloves, but I suggest cold-weather paddlers buy the Glacier Gloves one size larger to allow the use of their favorite polypro liner gloves for true insulative toastiness.

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Besides being well proportioned and pre-curved for a natural feel, these Premium Waterproof Gloves offer nice long wrist coverage, and easily tuck inside the overcuffs of drysuits for maximum dryness. I have a minor complaint with the hook-and-loop wrist strap; because the hooks run all the way to the very end of the strap, it’s sometimes difficult to loosen the strap once it’s on, especially if your other hand is already wearing its own glove. I often had to loosen the first strap with my teeth. I eventually used a utility razor blade to ‘shave’ the strap ends of their hooks, to make a loose tab that is easily grabbed with gloved hands.

In short, the Premium Waterproof Gloves from Glacier Glove are comfortable, durable, and—best of all—completely waterproof. The addition of a thin liner glove will offer the necessary warmth for paddling even down to sub-freezing temperatures, and offer paddlers an excellent and vital piece of cold-water gear.

Hits: Completely waterproof, durable, very grippy
Misses: Internal “fleece” lining is underwhelming, wrist straps need pull tabs
Notes: Wide variety of other styles to choose from; buy one size larger to use with liner gloves

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